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 aw, rosie is so beautiful. 

ROSIE, 27 

Pictured: 3.11 Frames 
Season II out 8 July.
Photographed by antwan 

Botanica S/S ‘14 look book. Shot by me.
we dem boyz
"Thots are so real"
- deondre.
shortie iz a ryder. 
no chill.
RuPaul In The Pyramid Club Dressing Room, 1992. by Linda Simpson
"As you can see, the strip is filled with crackheads, so it has to do with that," he told the tabloid.
"Which one has the better sex life?"
Jeremy Meeks on a hog.
on the real tho, man is a bae & he has good style.
Pizza Bed by Claire Manganiello.